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Join us 14th of February you will see a premiere of new song “Hoppy Queen” promoting our brand new album “Beyond the darkness”.
The album release 08 of March 2019 on CD format and for the first time via Streaming Services. 10 songs on the album shows Sold My Soul as you know it but in many places different than before. One thing is certain, we are still strongly addicted to guitar based old school rock with blues undertones all over.

“A piece of solid rootsy blues-rock. Raw sound, energy,honesty, emotional involement and true musicianship!”
Guitarist magazine

“Emotional Journey back in past where Led Zeppelin and Free celebrated their biggest triumphs. But if you expect on this album nostalgic cry out for old days you are mistaken”
Teraz Rock Magazine

Live Dates

Show dates to promote album “Beyond the darkness” are planned for the later in a year